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Mentoring & Membership

Catapult your teaching, land dream teaching gigs, sell out your classes, quadruple your revenue and inspire your students.

You love yoga so much that you decided to become a yoga teacher.  So you made the brave-hearted decision to enroll in teacher training, investing a significant amount of time, money, and energy into becoming certified.  


Except now that you’ve graduated you realize that your 200-hour training barely scratched the surface. You have a million unanticipated questions that keep coming up about teaching–

❍  Should I include this pose or that one?


❍  Is it safe to transition that way?


❍  Is my class boring and repetitive?

❍  Are my cues clear and concise?


 ❍  What do I do if a beginner joins my mixed-level class or someone has an injury?



Not to mention all the questions you have about the business of yoga itself such as: 

❍  How do I get started?

❍  How do I land my first teaching gig?


❍  How can I make a living teaching yoga?


❍  How do I get private clients?

❍  How much should I charge?

So you join a bunch of free Facebook groups, scour the internet, pour over your training notes and take other people’s classes hoping to figure it out on your own.   


Only to discover that yoga teaching is much harder than you anticipated and if you continue in this fashion you will burn out and give up.  


Why struggle like this? 


Why wait 5 years to learn what you could learn in an instant just by asking your mentor and leveraging the wisdom you receive immediately?


Having direct access to a mentor is the most effective way to stop struggling and hustling so that you can do what you love and change people’s lives. 

Introducing The Yoga Teacher Accelerator: Mentoring & Membership.


This monthly group membership is for the heart-centered yoga teacher ready to catapult your teaching, land satisfying teaching gigs, quadruple your revenue, inspire your students, grow your impact and remove all the self-doubts and limiting beliefs that keep you from stepping into your greatness.

The best part? Jump in or cancel anytime. Feeling stuck in your teaching and need a little inspiration? Sign up for a few months. Dragging your feet and haven’t yet made the jump into teaching? Sign up until you feel more confident.

Each month you will get:

❍  One monthly group mentoring call (on zoom) to answer all your questions about teaching.  During every call, we will create a personalized step-by-step plan of action to integrate your biggest takeaways and aha’s into your classes and your business immediately (replay available).

❍ One monthly Masterclass to address the most common yoga teacher questions around sequencing, cueing, injury prevention, modifications, accessibility, inclusivity, weaving intent, adjustments, as well as any and all business roadblocks so that you can crush it as a yoga teacher. (replay available).  

❍  Unlimited in-person and or Zoom classes with me (replay available).

❍  24/7 access to my On-Demand Video Library with hundreds of classes to study and learn from.

❍  Discounts on CET’s and Teacher Trainings


All this for $197/month (normally $250) (cancel anytime)

Want even more support? 

Apply for one of only a few coveted spots in my VIP Accelerator Membership. 


This is the perfect option for those of you who know that THIS is the kind of transformation you desire and you need it in the quickest and most potent way possible.  It includes everything above PLUS:

❍ One 1:1 session with me each month (on zoom) to personally support you in any area that needs developing (teaching skills- sequencing, cueing, injury prevention, modifications, assisting as well as growing your business- getting hired, marketing, building your client list, and so on).

Unlimited Voxer access to me to answer all your questions in real-time about anything teaching-related.


All this for $347/month (normally $550) (cancel anytime) 

Why me?


As a former Forest Yoga Guardian & Mentor Teacher (one of the most senior Forrest Yoga teachers in the world), I have trained and mentored hundreds of yoga teachers to become extraordinary leaders and healers and to believe in themselves and their own their gifts.





Each month registered, receive 1.5 credits of Yoga Alliance-approved Continuing Education.

 What People Are Saying?


Leslie is rich with knowledge, wisdom, and passion for her craft, and sustains the utmost care for both her students and mentees. Working with Leslie was the most enriching experience of my life.

Robyn M.


My training at was a life-changing experience. Not only did I gain the skills needed to be an effective yoga teacher, but it was also a journey to find my authentic self. 

Beth F.


Leslie Pearlman is an extraordinary teacher. Her teacher training is rich in intent and rich in content.

Alyssa L.


Leslie is a gifted teacher. Her sensitivity, patience & ability to break down the teaching methods helped me to face my fear. I am grateful!

Sae E.


I've never felt so empowered in my life. I am eternally grateful for all the time given to me. I would truly tell everyone that they need to have a chance to learn from Leslie.

Stephany R


Leslie truly puts her heart and soul into her mentoring. Hands down… I learned so much about yoga….but more importantly, I learned so much about myself.

Paula P.


Working with Leslie forever changed my life.

Danielle G.

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