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Welcome to our studio without walls!

Practice with us from the comfort of your living room and discover why I have hundreds of students practicing daily from all over the world.

Don’t be fooled.  This is not your average online yoga class. 


Right away you will discover that you are more than just a Brady Bunch box on a Zoom screen. 


I know every person’s name.  And injury.


And I am an expert at tailoring the yoga practice to meet your needs, especially on Zoom.


I am not blindly calling out postures and random cues. 


I get off my yoga mat and teach right to the Zoom screen.


In every class, I see you.


I modify for injuries, customize for your level, and offer safe and compassionate verbal assistance so you feel better and stronger as a result. 


This is why my classes attract all kind of students (from brand new to seasoned yoga teachers).


In fact, at least half of my classes are made up of yoga teachers looking to deepen their practice and upgrade their teaching chops.  My classes are like a mini- teaching practicum.  I make a point to share about sequencing, cueing, injury prevention and anything else to mentor the teachers in my community.   


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