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Begins March 2023
(rolling admission)

GGY’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training is a module based training for yoga teachers looking to advance their yoga practice, teaching skills and love for yoga.  This 300 hour training prepares you to teach principals of yoga that are more advanced, detailed and subtle.  It also enables you to teach with greater skill than could be reasonably cultivated from a 200-hour training.  Our training is intimate allowing for plenty of individual attention and mentorship.  Sign up for individual modules based on interest.  Attend a few to just learn more.  Attend all  to receive our 300 hour certification.


❍ How to build confidence in your voice and teach with clarity and feeling.

 How to use active language to speak clearly and inspire your students into action.

❍ How to sequence and teach a Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa class.

❍ About Forrest Yoga Sequencing and what makes it unique and effective.

❍ How to modify poses when warranted.

❍ How to read bodies, physically and emotionally, as well as the energy of a group or individual.

❍ How to work with all types of students: from beginners to advanced.

❍ How to help your yoga students with common injuries and yoga-specific injuries your students may develop.

❍ How to work skillfully, one-on-one with students, and how that relates to your work in group classes.

❍ How to learn to read your students, their practice, and find the assist that fits.

❍ How to develop strong empathing skills to read the room on an energetic level.

❍ How to touch your students confidently and safely.

❍ How to make modifications for bodies of different shapes, sizes and abilities.

❍ How to understand that more is less when it comes to safe hands-on adjustments.

❍ How to use the various forms of assisting and adjusting from verbal cues to directional signals to physical manipulation.

❍ How to use props as tools in adjusting and assisting.

❍ How to empower students to find personal levels of self-adjusting.


This is an ONLINE intimate and high-touch training.  Each module is a combination of pre-recorded content and LIVE instruction on Zoom (replay available). Don’t be fooled.  Every module includes over 25+ hours of live teaching which means you get lots of time for integration, practice teaching, and feedback.  You are not just watching a pre-recorded video and calling it a day.

(replay available)

Each day begins with an intermediate/advanced yoga intensive so you can practice at your level as a teacher.

Each afternoon is dedicated to instruction, discussion, hands on teaching skills, practice teaching, feedback and more.

Fridays 5:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Saturdays & Sundays 8:00 am-10:30 am EST & 12:00pm-6:00pm EST



This ONLINE training is, above all, an opportunity for you to focus on your personal growth. Because yoga at its core is a technique for self study, you will discover that these modules will give you greater insight and clarity not only into your teaching but in in your life as well. How? We will mentor you to look deeper into all the areas of your life. This is the beauty of this program. You are coached how to up level all aspects of your practice— be it in your teaching, in your life, the choices you make, the work you do, the relationships you cultivate and most importantly, in how you come to terms with your own Dharma.


Each module is open to yoga teachers of any background.  Each module counts towards Yoga Alliance CET’s. Upon completion of ALL modules you will have earned 300 hours of teacher training. After completion of ALL modules you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 level.



$2925 for the entire training (a 20% savings) (payment plans available)

$425 per Module



This course requires 100% commitment of time and energy.  You must complete all the scheduled hours of the training.  Your primary instructor must approve any absences prior to the beginning of the training.  Arrangements can be made for illness and emergency.  Final certification is at the discretion of the director.



Payment in full is due prior to the start date of each module.



Sequencing RX: Smart, Safe, Simple

March 2023

Sequencing is an art. Sequencing is the story that you present to your students. It is the extraordinary container that we have as teachers to hold space for our students. It is essential that this container be safe, intelligent and creative. Over the course of this module we will explore the ins and outs of secuencing Forrest Yoga clases and Forrest Yoga Inspired classes. Learn what makes Forrest Yoga and Forrest Yoga Inspired classes so unique and effective. We will study in great detail how to sequence for specific types of classes: such as backbends, forward bends, inversions, twists. We will also learn how to sequence for different types of students: beginners, intermediate, advanced. We will also learn how to sequence for specific injuries and limitations: such back injured, shoulder injured, wrist injured among others.

Teach With Purpose: Intention Setting Like A Rockstar
April 2023

Intention-driven yoga classes are the most memorable, powerful, and impactful classes out there and will be the single most important skill to develop as a teacher.   The intent is the deeper work your students are doing during class (not just the yoga poses) and is what makes your classes inspiring, transformative, and relevant. In this module you will learn every you need to :

❍ Pick a theme and intent that lights you up, turns you on, and inspires your students to go deeper. 

❍ Break down the intent into the HOW (so your students aren't left confused or frustrated trying to figure it out on their own).

❍ Weave the intent throughout the entire arc of the class so you can focus on teaching rather than trying to come up with something to say on the fly.  

❍ Make the intent relevant to the poses (not just some nice thing to say to your students) so the yoga mat becomes the laboratory to practice the intent as much as the asana.

❍ Provide endless nuggets of wisdom and inspiration for your students to take the intent off the mat and into their "real" life where it matters most. 

Embodied Communication: Clear and Confident Cueing

May 2023

Clear and confident cueing is the one thing that will make or break your teaching yet most teachers struggle with it. When done well (clear, concise, active, embodied, personalized) your classes are safe, inspiring, and accessible (leaving your students empowered and happy). When done poorly (confusing, meandering, passive, inauthentic) your classes are unsafe, injury-prone, and confusing (leaving your students frustrated and discouraged). In this module, you will learn how to 


❍ Speak with clarity and feeling so that every cue is clear, concise, and meaningful.

❍ Build confidence in your voice so your students hang on to your every word.

❍ Use your body to convey and support what you say so your words have resonance.

❍ Speak with feeling so what you say is meaningful and authentic.

❍ ​Read the energy of the room and tailor what you say to what you see to keep your classes injury free.

❍ Create the most inclusive and accessible classes so every student feels seen, safe, and supported.


Dates TBD

In this Module you will learn to hold space for students dealing with their own addictive behavior (or are affected by the addictive behavior of others), trauma and co-dependency. You will learn how to use yoga, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness training and the latest advancements in neurobiology to offer trauma informed yoga classes to a myriad of populations.  You will learn relapse prevention tools and sustainable ways for managing internal states which act as triggers for relapse. We will explore the traps of projection, transference, countertransference, boundary violation and spiritual bypass, and how these concepts sabotage recovery and healing.  We will also  examine the roots of co-dependency and learn how to help our students (and ourselves) identify personal samskaras which are the habit patterns that alter our thinking.


Dates TBD

Have you ever had an adjustment or assist that magically transforms the pose? Or have a teacher give you an assist that took you out of pain or struggle? In this module you will learn how to adjust and assist with grace, confidence and purpose. You will learn to touch with feeling and help your students go deeper. You will learn more than just basic assists and adjustments. In this module we explore seeing energy, reading and understanding bodies, empathing and how to transmit energy kinesthetically.


Dates TBD

We spend our time emotionally and energetically identified with our thoughts and the journeys they take us on, with few tools for freeing ourselves from these patterns. In this module we will learn how the philosophy of yoga, pranayama, mantras, kryas and bandhas can act as “an instruction manual” for understanding and purifying the nature of our complicated mind, body and spirit.

How to CRUSH IT Teaching Yoga Online

Dates TBD

Learn everything you need to Crush It teaching Yoga Online, including:

How to set up the class so everyone feels seen, supported and safe.

How to demo and cue clearly and simply so your students (of any level) can follow along from home.

How to offer verbal assists, adjustments and modifications so students can get real time effective coaching.

How to offer effective and pleasurable self-assists so your students can recreate for themselves the assists they have come to know and love.

How to read the energy of the room even across the airwaves and ethers.

How to keep your students challenged, engaged and inspired when they are not in front of you.

How to juggle a hybrid model and balance your in-person students’ needs with your online students’ needs.


Dates TBD

Yoga is not a one size fits all practice.  All of our students come to the mat with different abilities, needs, bodies and experiences.  In this module we will explore the most common injuries and learn their modifications and contraindications and how to design classes specifically for them. We will also explore the emotional, energetic, somatic and psychological aspects of working with students with limitations, injuries and other differing needs.  Most importantly, you will learn how to teach your students to work in a healing way.  This will empower both you as the teacher and your students.


Dates TBD

Let’s face it… most of our classes have students of all levels and all abilities. Rarely do we have a class of students at the exact same level. The best teachers are the ones who can adapt their classes to meet all of their students’ needs in real time. And while teaching beginners and leveling your classes are two of the most rewarding things a yoga teacher can do, many teachers do not receive enough dedicated training in this area. In fact most teachers are most comfortable teaching students at their own level. The result? Teachers are often at a loss when faced with a true yoga novice or a class full of students at varying levels. There is an art to teaching beginners and leveling your classes. Students need to feel safe and supported. Classes need to be approachable but also challenging. Students need measurable moments of success to feel encouraged and not defeated and they need an environment where they feel safe and supported. This module will give you all the tools you need to teach students of all different levels.


The Mentoring Module is an 8 week Module (which can begin at any time as agreed upon with your Mentor).  At the start of Mentoring  you will discuss your specific goals and determine what is needed to take your teaching to the next level.  Following this initial meeting, you will meet with your mentor by phone every other week for a 30 minute check in discuss your progress.  During Mentoring you will be required to teach one full-length class which will be observed by your Mentor.  You will be given detailed feedback for this class and strategies to improve your teaching moving forward.


“If you are ready to devote a part of your life to discover new challenges, new edges and a lifetime gift then sign up but don’t be surprised when the outcome is something you never expected.”
~Brooke E.

“This training forever changed my life.”
~Danielle G.

“Yes I would recommend this training.  I would tell potential students that this training is such a beautiful blend of traditional yoga and Forrest Yoga, Native American traditions, true understanding of physical and psychological processes, the path to healing others and yourself and so ripe with personal growth, opportunities, laughter, friends and deeper awareness.”
~Kaitlin M.

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