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Hey there, I am Leslie Pearlman (she/her)...

Part anatomy nerd, part embodiment coach, and part straight-talking spiritual cheerleader, I have spent the last three decades helping folks stand their ground, heal their chronic pain, and take charge of their lives.


A retired Forrest Yoga Guardian (one of the most senior Forrest Yoga teachers in the world), I have taught thousands of students, certified hundreds of teachers, and mentored the most sought-after teachers in the industry earning me the reputation of the “teachers teacher" for the past three decades.


Whether it's using my “seeing skills” to uncover a teacher’s blind spot, knowing the exact thing to grow a hidden gift, or relentlessly causing a quantum shift, my training and mentoring containers are ALIVE with teachers and leaders celebrating their wins and stepping into their greatness.


But it wasn’t always this way….

In the beginning, I started teaching yoga as a side hustle. 

I taught part-time while in law school and then as a practicing attorney.  At first, arguing cases in Brooklyn Family Court and rolling out my yoga mat to teach was a magical combination.   


But over time I started to dread picking up my briefcase and walking into court despite the important work that I was doing.  So in 2000, I quit my job, moved out of Brooklyn, and decided to teach yoga full-time.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway because doing so felt more like coming up for air rather than an act of courage.  

I made a million mistakes along the way.  I met my beloved teacher Ana Forrest unexpectedly at a 3-day workshop and within 24 hours knew that she would be my mentor and that Forrest Yoga would be my home.  I got married, gave birth to my daughter, and apprenticed with Ana for over a decade.


I dreamed of opening a yoga studio of my own. Sharing everything I knew about yoga. But my then-husband told me it was too crazy, too hard, too risky so I abandoned my dream.


That was over 15 years ago.


Everything changed when I got divorced a year later. I remember the moment my world shifted like it was yesterday.


I was sitting on the Hampton Jitney after a 14-hour workday seeing 8 clients back to back…


This back and forth to the city hustling from client to client was draining the life out of me.  Plus it was my ex-husband’s dream for me and not my own.  


I envisioned myself as the kind of leader I wanted to be, emboldened, impactful, visionary…


… and I quickly realized my business as it stood would never allow me to be that leader.


There was no way I could keep working those long hours building a business that was not aligned with my vision.  


Something had to give...


I knew I needed to learn how to invest in my bigger vision and step into true leadership.  


Although scary, I signed a lease, opened my doors, registered my Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, and enrolled the first 25 students into my 200-hour Teacher Training.

Since then, I have grown a thriving online and brick-and-mortar yoga studio, certified hundreds of teachers, and mentored dozens of Yoga Studio owners to sell out and build the teacher training programs of their dreams without having to reinvent the wheel or wasting years trying to figure it out on their own. 

I thought my leadership success would be about refining my teaching skills.


I thought it would be about fool-proofing my sequencing, cueing with confidence, injury-proofing my classes, weaving inspiring intents, incorporating the juiciest healing hands-on assists, and teaching others how to do the same.


But actually, this was only a small part of the magic formula.


The key ingredient? Knowing who you ACTUALLY are rather than who you HABITUALLY are so you can lead from an authentic empowered and FEELING place.


Because who you are off the mat is who you are on the mat.


And if you want to be exceptional at teaching or building a profitable business, you have to heal your relationship with yourself.  


This is Embodied Leadership and this is a requirement if you want to crush it as a yoga teacher or help others do the same.


And, I’m going to teach you how to ascend from run-of-the-mill yoga teacher to hold-the-presses, knock-your-socks-off Embodied Leader with my 5-Step Methodology so you can sell out your classes, inspire your students, change lives, and make a living doing what you love.

My trainees who have applied these principles have opened their dream studios, quit their day jobs, landed their first teaching gigs, raised their rates, sold out their first retreats, and launched teacher training programs, doubling and tripling their revenue overnight.   


And I cannot wait to begin this journey with you.  


Let's do this!

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