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Teacher Training Audit & Upgrade

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You dream of leaving a legacy.  You have poured your heart and soul into the Teacher Training of your dreams, yet it’s not blowing it up like you imagined.


You have no idea how to streamline everything you know and love about yoga into a cohesive training curriculum.


Enrollment is down and you are barely breaking even. 


You're burnt out and the thought of running another cohort puts you into a state of panic.  Your curriculum feels lackluster and your students aren’t having the breakthroughs you know they deserve.


If something doesn’t change, you will be forced to eliminate one of the most profitable revenue streams from your business. 


In this Customized Private Consulting Container, we help you build and lead the Teacher Training of your dreams without reinventing the wheel or making mistakes that will cost thousands of dollars and endless hours of lost time.



Teaching Brand and Mission Clarification Session

Together we clarify your studio mission, branded class teaching style, and teacher dos and don’ts so your teacher training and mentoring containers produce the most qualified, professional, and on-brand aligned teaching team.


We begin with a detailed questionnaire to create clarity.  


Then follow with one 75-minute Clarity Call to flesh it out and deal with any roadblocks causing confusion and ambiguity.


Training Curriculum Audit

Next is an audit of your current training materials (curriculum, manual, handouts) to uncover what is working and address any hidden gaps or red flags.

You implement and tweak the curriculum and training/mentoring materials based on my feedback. We continue like this through the editing process.


Leave with a branded training/mentoring curriculum and all training/mentoring materials in hand.  


Note, if starting from scratch, we discuss goals and logistics and you get to work drafting your curriculum and training/mentoring materials and submit for feedback.   I review and make any necessary suggested edits.


Program Delivery Training


Half-day (4 hours) 1:1 training time for delivery and implementation.  


This includes training for your teaching team regarding program delivery, creating safe space, inclusion, accessibility, uncovering people's blindspots, and giving real-time, actionable feedback with clear action steps so your trainees feel empowered and not overwhelmed.


Real-Time Program Delivery Support


Half-day (4 hours) 1:1 training time for delivery and implementation.  


Get unlimited Voxer support during the first Teacher Training/Mentoring round to address any questions, roadblocks, or challenges that arise during delivery.


Packages start at $5,500 for an existing Teacher Training.


Customized training development for brand-new programs start at $9,500

Kim Benia

“Working with you has fundamentally changed how I run my yoga studio.  I now feel like a true leader and not an imposter.”

Jana Oberman

“Train at Good Ground Yoga.  It will change your life.  I learned more about myself in 6 months than in all my years on this planet.”

Pauline Branigan

“Training at Good Ground is a deep study into the why and how. This training makes you too smart for the generic yoga class.”

Sadie Wells

“The training is amazing! I can't get over how seamlessly you teach the hybrid format. I felt totally seen, even from Australia. This was incredible for boosting my confidence.” 
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