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Guess what?


You deserve to be the yoga teacher everyone is talking about. 

The one who instinctively knows exactly what to say to get your distracted student to drop deliciously into their body.



The one who knows how to use the most compassionate hands-on assists to get your struggling student out of pain and into their pleasurable sweet spot.


The one who magically appears with a prop or a tweak or a game-changing idea that leaves your student wondering how the heck did you see that from across the room.

We have been teaching yoga teachers how to ascend from run-of-the-mill yoga teacher to coveted hold-the-presses, knock-your-socks-off, double-your-class size yoga LEADER for over 25 years, and here are the ways we can work together…

Fool-proof your teaching, sell out your classes, and get your students results they didn't even know possible.

Our celebrated intention-focused, apex-driven, embodied-led vinyasa style teacher training is THE standard for inclusion, accessibility, therapeutics, working with injuries, mixed-level modifications, reading energy, and mastering hands-on assists that get people out of pain and deliver practice-altering breakthroughs.

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Shave off years of trial and error in just 3 days.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Leslie in her most intimate, personalized group mentoring container.  Get real-time, direct feedback on every aspect of your teaching, so you can finally discover your authentic voice, be known for your brilliant sequencing, stay-with-you nuggets of wisdom, witchy-like ability to read the room, and deliver the most drool-worthy hands-on assists your students can’t-stop raving about.

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When it's time to 10x your impact for good. 

No more dilly-dallying.  You have a secret dream for your teaching and leadership and know that individual support is THE only way to get what you are after.  You want immediate results and are not afraid to get messy, dig in deep, and start implementing strategies and upgrades to get exactly what you are after.

Sharyn Parlee

“My teaching and life have improved tremendously.”

Anita March

“I now have a toolbox of knowledge. No prior training has ever gone this deep.”

Joy Montgomery

“I no longer feel like an imposter.  I feel like an amazing yoga teacher now.”
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