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Let's learn a thing or two about how to make your mark, profit handsomely, and feel gloriously proud of what you do and how you do it. 

You fell into studio ownership because you care deeply about what you do and want to make a real difference. 


You believe in the power of community and know that healing is not a solitary endeavor. 


So you took a leap of faith, poured your heart and soul into your business, and can’t believe how lucky you are to make a career out of doing what you love (pinch me).


Yet, you know you want to offer more than yoga classes (no matter how packed and robust they may be). 


Deep down you are meant to be a MENTOR to your teachers and a LEADER to your students called to make yoga a way of life.  


You dream of leaving a legacy– Launching and running the Teacher Training Programs and Mentorship Containers you were born to lead, but you need to figure out where to begin.  


Or maybe, this isn't your first rodeo. 


You already have a Teacher Training, but you are struggling. 


Enrollment is down and you are barely breaking even. 


You're burnt out and the thought of running another cohort puts you into a state of panic.  Your curriculum feels lackluster and your students aren’t having the breakthroughs you know they deserve.


If something doesn’t change, you will be forced to eliminate one of the most profitable revenue streams from your business. 

We know how to get you on the other side of this. You need a clear path with a mentor’s hand to hold.
We’ve got you.

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Lead the Teacher Training of your dreams.


The Glow Up is like a magic wand to growing the most renowned and profitable Yoga Teacher Training … only, it’s not a wand, it’s our expert, tried-and-true advice.⁣ In this Private Consulting Container, we help you build and lead the Yoga Teacher Training of your dreams without reinventing the wheel or making mistakes that will cost thousands of dollars and endless hours of lost time.

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Where rockstar leaders are made.

So, you want to lead a teacher training and mentor teachers?  Hard truth: Being a great yoga teacher does NOT prepare you for being a great trainer or mentor (hint: the skills needed to train teachers are often directly at odds with everything you learned about teaching yoga).  The Program is the industry’s first “Teacher Training” training designed to teach you everything you need to build, lead, market, and sell out your signature training programs without sacrificing your integrity or vision.


100% done for you.

For the yoga studio owner who wants an entire done-for-you service. Offload the prep work and get right to the good stuff. Includes 200-hour apex-driven, intention-focused vinyasa-style training curriculum, manual, handouts, and one year of support.

Robyn Mate

“Thank you for creating a container where someone can get real AF and vulnerable enough to see through their BS and step into true leadership.”

Lindsey Bloom

"I have worked with Leslie for years and I can honestly say that the Embodied practices she teaches have changed my leadership and life.”


Deborah Linehan

“Thank you for your coaching.  Thank you for seeing me and speaking in a language that I understand. Light bulb.”



Joy Montgomery

“Leslie, holy wow! I have no words.  I am dumbstruck by how much I have to learn and how much more I will be able to offer my students after mentoring with you.  I knew you were right for me, but I had no idea how “next-level” this would be."

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