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3-Month Private Mentoring Container

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Are you ready to land dream teaching gigs, sell out your classes, quadruple your revenue, and inspire your students, or is this just a pipedream?


You have probably realized that your love of yoga alone is not enough to make you a great yoga teacher.  


You still have a million unanswered questions that leave you feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and cautious.


So you join a bunch of free Facebook groups, scour the internet, pour over your training notes, and wish for the best.


You ask your yoga teacher friends for advice and hope they know better than you.


You take other people’s classes hoping to figure it out on your own.

Why struggle like this? 


Why wait years to learn what you could learn in an instant just by asking a mentor and leveraging the information you get immediately?


Together we will transform every roadblock, weakness, and insecurity you have about teaching (and leadership) and turn it into a gift, talent, and unique strength so you can make a real living doing what you love.




We begin with an Accelerator Feedback Assessment where I take your class and offer personalized feedback customized to solidify your voice, grow your gifts, and address your teaching blocks and blind spots. 


Luck you— my special talent is knowing the exact thing to grow a hidden gift, or relentlessly cause a quantum shift. Wedded to the teacher mat? 


By the end of our time together you will be teaching from every corner of the room.  


Tired of saying the same old same old? Leave knowing that your cues move your students deeply and are inspiring in real and tangible ways. 


Avoiding hands-on assists like the plague? Leave feeling 100% confident in your ability to assist and get your students out of pain and have a practice-altering breakthrough on the regular. 



We meet twice a month for a total of 6 sessions either in person or on Zoom.  


Each 2-hour session is designed to personally support you in any area that needs developing such as sequencing, cueing, injury prevention, modifications, assisting, reading energy, seeing bodies, growing your business, marketing, and building your client list. 


Our goal is for you to leave with tools to apply immediately so you can 10x your impact and class size. 



You also have unlimited Voxer Coaching with me to answer all your questions in real time about anything teaching-related.


Plus unlimited membership in my yoga studio including all in-person and online classes so you can advance your practice and get fully embodied (so you can teach authentically). This is also an opportunity to learn new poses (and all their progressions) and gain the confidence to teach them to your students no matter their level.  


You need a clear path with a mentor’s hand to hold. I’ve got you.


$2,700 or $950 x 3

Kim Benia

“Working with you has fundamentally changed how I run my yoga studio.  I now feel like a true leader and not an imposter.”

Jana Oberman

“Train at Good Ground Yoga.  It will change your life.  I learned more about myself in 6 months than in all my years on this planet.”

Pauline Branigan

“Training at Good Ground is a deep study into the why and how. This training makes you too smart for the generic yoga class.”

Sadie Wells

“The training is amazing! I can't get over how seamlessly you teach the hybrid format. I felt totally seen, even from Australia. This was incredible for boosting my confidence.” 
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